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The basics

What is Picko?

Enjoy boundless rewards by sharing the hottest offer in Picko to your beloved friends! No commitment or prerequisite required, you will earn without a fuss when your friends make credit card spendings! Share-to-earn. Don’t miss out and download the app now!

Yes, of course. Despite how many followers you have in your social media accounts and how popular you are, anyone who downloads the Picko app with their credit card binded could start their journey as a KOC anytime!

No. Only if the user is making their payments using the binded credit card to Picko could they receive the cash back accordingly. We hope that you could understand since it is important to verify your identity by means of your bank information before paying out the rewards to avoid any discrepancies.

No. Picko points could not be transferred to another account. They could only be stored in the account that was first created.

It depends on the commission rate and cash back rate that each business sets for their own marketing campaign. One should note that only if we have verified the referral activities are successful could the user claim the commission.

Users could claim their rewards when their Picko points have reached the minimum threshold of $50.

Your rewards would be directed into the credit card you have linked to your account.

Your bank account information would be used by third party service providers, such as banks, to process payments. We would ask for one's consent before using one's personal information for direct marketing and promotional use.